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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 13wt Audio Assignment

3511 How to be a successful student – Part 2A & Part 2B

1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording?

Sebai Maa begins with mystic spirituality. He talks about the study of the teachings and how to succeed in the teachings. Not what you would go to college and attain but more so, you are actually studying creations. We are actually studying the mystery of creation and the knowledge of self. So it’s much more difficult.

Shedy is the penetration of the mysteries, the important aspects of the teachings through study, reflecting, listening, ritual, meditation and mysticism. Sebai Maa teaches us the way to handle the learning experience. You have to have Sebai (authentic teachings, the whole teachings and not a partial teachings) and Sebait (the teachings) and Sebat (the student, the female). Sebat has the female and the student is the female, who receives the seed from the male and creates new life. The teacher is the male who impregnate the student and if you allow yourself to relax and be calm you will receive the seed which the teacher is putting out. The teacher impregnate the student through words. Your ears, your eyes and your nose helps you to receive the seed.

The trinity of learning the educational system is important. Here we were taught about the Sebai, Sebait and Sebat and earlier we were taught about the myth, ritual and mysticism which are important in the educational system learning process. You can learn from experiences, you can learn from your past, teachers in school, and the inner guidance of the self when you open yourself up. You can learn till your last breathe. You can learn from the lowest person. One has to believe in oneself, ones ability to learn the teachings and in your teacher’s ability to teach you.

Being an aspirant is having the understanding of the goal of life, achieving greatness in the world. There is worldly greatness and spiritual greatness. Self-knowledge is the greatest achievement to be had. It transcends all worldly goals which will always come to an end. So the two goals in life are the worldly and the spiritual. Most people only reach the worldly goals and never reach any spiritual goals. Most people don’t think about higher achievements due to living with a worldly mentality that create Seth fetters, confusion, disappointments, frustrations, entanglements, and mental complexes and etc. to be dealt with..

The goal as an aspirant is to discover the Supreme Being and then they must work to purify their thoughts, deeds and actions. If they start turning towards virtue then they will begin to grow into a purified state. Virtue allows you to turn away from the distractions of the world. Virtue allow you to live Maat and promotes you doing positive things and fills you with positive thoughts, actions and feelings. Then you must become self-reliant.

An aspirant can’t rely on the teacher, the books or the world, we have to rely on ourselves to understand the teachings. We have to understand where we are leading ourselves to, we are moving to a place where we have to rely on ourselves to lead ourselves through the door. We have to walk with our own power and confident. We have to also start to live by virtue and that will take us away from nonsense. Virtue causes you to not be interested in your own nonsense. You will receive the highest teachings because you are one with the divine. We are expression of God and have the capacity to do anything that we want in this world. We are divine and when we cleanse ourselves of our devices we will discover and develop the capacity to do anything in this world.

***3511 How to be a successful student – Part 2B***

Sebai Maa gives us insight on how the teachings are within but you have to understand how to find it. In order to understand the teachings you have to be cleansed otherwise you will not understand the teachings. You have to be very careful looking for the teachings within. The ego can become active again if you haven’t cleansed properly.

There is a tradition in Ancient Egypt concerning the temples and Akhnaton and Amun are a part of the tradition. In modern times in western culture they are producing information that hold no truth about Akhnaton and Amun and their Temples of ancient times. So we have to be about discovering absolute truth and reality. We have to learn how to follow truth. We get nonsense from the television and have to question the nonsense before you begin to believe in it.
The Bible is an attempt of the ancient Egyptian teachings being recorded. What we have in the Bible is an attempt at reworking the teachings and it not a direct understanding of the ancient teachings of Egyptian mysticism or philosophy, so the understanding in the Bible of the teachings is off and not totally correct.

Any type of disorder in the body is related to impurity of the body, the mind and the soul. The diet has to be purified and so does the mind and soul. Meditation helps to send life force energy throughout the body. So an aspirant has to be cleansed and have a working knowledge of the ancient Egyptian philosophy in order to be successful in the studies and in spiritual life. The under line and support for the operation of all life in the body is the spirit and the spirit operates through matter in time and space and the underling essence and source is the spirit. Where is the part that sustain life, it’s not in the body, it transcends the body.

2- Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

Yes, I have been currently in the process of cleansing my mind, body and spirit through the use of the Shedy discipline and the ancient Egyptian religious wisdom teachings of Shetaut Neter and the Sema Tawi knowledge. Being an aspirant means looking at life as a series of lessons that leans you to gain the knowledge that transcends all knowledge. Understanding that the goal of life is to discover the Supreme Being, I am making ever effort to purify my thoughts, words and deeds and put things in the proper place concerning my worldly goals and my spiritual goals. I am developing virtues that allows me to turn away from the distractions of the world and prevent me from doing negative deeds and encourage me to do positive things. Virtues are allowing me to become dispassionate and positive which supports my being more self-reliant.

3- If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and spiritual practice?

I am going to begin to use the check list to watch and keep up with my daily practices and start writing in my spiritual diary more regularly, so that I can watch and note changes in my personality. I am in the process of a whole life change and it’s taking me daily efforts to meet the challenges of this new life change of adding Shedy and the wisdom study to my life on a daily basis. No matter how much I do in these beginning stages, it seems like there is so much more to be done. Seems like there needs to be more hours added to my day to get everything done that I would like to do between my worldly duties and my spiritual duties. So I am counting on my cleansing and virtues to create the proper order as I gain the strength, patience, forgiveness, belief in myself, journey, path and acceptance of giving birth to a new personality and an organized spiritual new structure in my life as an aspirant.