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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 12wt Interaction Assignment

By Anthony Bahlibi (member) #6477

I like Anthony Bahlibi statements about aspiration and worldly achievements. His notes on the meaning of Sebai, Sebait, and Sebat. I am also impressed by Sebai Maa addition of enlightenment on memorization.

Aspiration is the main drive, the philosophy of how you live. Worldly achievements helps you sustain yourself but always comes to an end and does not prepare one for their spiritual life. Spiritual achievement is to achieve a state of consciousness that transcends physicality. The worldly mentality is an obstruction to the higher purpose in life.

Sebai, Sebait, Sebat
Sebai is authentic teaching.
Sebait is the teaching
Sebat is the student

“The race is never taught but when God willed it, its memory is restored by the creator.”

Sebai Maa added that just as you do not need to memorize your name, parents, birth location, likes and dislikes, etc. so the higher consciousness need not be memorized about but is to be experienced as an ever-present reality beyond, memory, cognition, feelings or desires, and mind records what it can cognize about the experience and records of this by the sages, this is what we call the teaching.