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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 12wt (Dup) Reading Assignment
Page 169-178

Question: Sdjm means heeding the teaching.

After practicing for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse and aspirants should take is

1. Repeated effort and dispassion towards the delusion about the world and desires and hatred which clouds the intellect. They must cultivate devotion to the divine, this secures divine grace.
2. Repeated effort also means working to become less entangled with the world, seeking the company of spiritually minded people as opposed to worldly minded, living within ones means etc. Ones actions are to be performed for the sake of the divine and not for the egoistic self.

When does maturity to succeed in the teaching occur?
When there is sufficient frustration with the pursuit of worldly desires. When one realize the futility of trying to fulfill their egoistic desires through worldly pleasures.

Question: The desire for worldly attainments should be replaced with desire for spiritual attainments.

Question: Those who want to practice salad bar spirituality, picking or choosing what they want to do, or seek the advice of oracles or create their own independent class’s should do so on their own.

How should an aspirant think about their spiritual path when they encounter failure to meet the instructions of the teaching or they fail to execute their own desired level of practice?

An aspirant should think about the proper recourse to make repeated efforts to study the teachings, listening, reflection and meditating on the teachings and practicing them daily making repeated efforts to do and add to your Shedy disciplines. The aspirant has to gain the proper understanding of their worldly desires and seek to know if their desires are directing their life and causes them to squander their life force. An aspirant have to look into within to find out what their pleasure are seek and value, the what type of company they are entertaining and spending their time with..

An aspirant needs to acknowledge if they truly have dispassion towards the pursuit of worldly desire. The aspirant needs to find out what type of practice and devotion they are concentrating with on. They need to consider the things they have been or have not been doing in the process of their spiritual development. They have to be truthful with themselves. Are they given over to worldly desires or spiritual desires? Which one of the practices hold more attention, time and actions your worldly goals or spiritual goals can help them to gain the proper insight and understanding of what they have to change for the betterment of their spiritual development and changes for enlightenment.