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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 12wt (Dup) Audio Assignment

3511 How to be a successful student – Part 1A

1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.

Sebai Maa taught about how there are two goals in life and two forms of education to receive in life, which are the worldly and the spiritual knowledge. We study creation, not like a college study but more so the study of creation and the world itself, of our own being, the study of self- knowledge and those mysteries that caused creation to come into being. These mysteries transcend any experience that we can have in the world of time and space, which is much more difficult.

Shedy the Neterian teaching of the mysteries that keeps you from falling back into the world is a very important step to take in becoming educated in life. Being an aspirant you have a goal to reach the discovery of the Supreme Being. You will need an authentic teacher to teach you a whole teaching of the whole, the worldly and the spiritual teachings. There is the lower teachings which deals with the worldly disciplines and the higher mystery which are the mysteries of the self- knowledge. You have the teachers and the teachings. The teachings is the male and the teacher is the female (student) the female is the receiver, the seed from the male and creates new life.

One has to have faith in the teacher and the self to learn the teachings, achieving greatness in the world and the spirit will allow you to achieve higher goals in life. That which transcends worldly desires is a spiritual goal. Mental agitation causes the mind unrest as it ages, causing the mind to not be able to gain the knowledge that transcends all knowledge. The goal in life is to discovery the Supreme Being. So if you turn towards the Supreme Being you will be able to discipline yourself and your life to be able to learn virtues and turn yourself away from the distractions of the world. It prevents you from doing unrighteous deeds and fills you with positive endurance and righteousness.

As aspirant has to clear themselves of worldly involvements that the world presents and your own short comings and know that you have the ability to become whatever you want in this world that you want to achieve. You have the capacity to become whatever you want. You have to believe in yourself. Things are hard or easy because you have experienced it sometime in life.

3511 How to be a successful student – Part 1B

We have to concentrate to get what we want, we have to have that singular goal and practice virtue purifying ourselves. We have to spend time with the teachings and purifying ourselves of our devices. If we a live life of desires, we squander our life force energies and our desires direct our steps. In this case you do not control your life, a life of desires take away your will power to practice the teachings. If we squander our life force energy, we can’t hold a thought properly in our minds.

We have to know that we have the power and confirm that truth and reality within ourselves by believing in ourselves. Aspirations gets you going, you virtue allows you to have will power, will power allows you to sustain yourself afford and your purity of heart keeps you successful, with your continued belief in yourself.

You must have devotion of purpose, a love for what you are doing as you purify yourself with the teachings and the discipline practices. Those who come to class free of burdens and relaxed will be able to receive the teachings.

2- Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

Yes, I am currently implementing in the teachings given in the book and the lecture. I am studying the teachings on a daily basis as well as keeping up with my Shedy disciplines. I am making repeated efforts to practice the teaching by studying, listening, reflecting and meditating every day possible for me and I am eating a vegetarian diet and cleansing myself from eating junk foods too.

I have also become dispassionate experiencing sufficient frustration with the pursuit of worldly desires, although from time to time I have to meet the challenges of certain desires returning for my considerations and to pull me back into the world, so I have to also be watchful. My major regards are to live truth more and more as I grow out of the mud of the negative energies that once control my life. I use my power to create a greater focus on spending time doing my Shedy practices and discipline, while seeking to devote much more of my energies and attentions towards spiritual enlightenment, the divine within me and the Supreme Being.

I am also working daily to cleanse my thoughts, actions and deeds by practicing the Shedy disciplines and reflecting on the teachings and using my meditations in order to shake the clouds of error from my soul and sight the brilliancy of truth. I am developing and focusing upon the love for truth and devotion to the divine with right actions and righteousness gradually and consistently awakening my soul and becoming a part of it. I am taking the responsibility of purifying my mind, body, spirit and connect with my soul by becoming a Neterian and practicing the Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Religion.