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2 key points are covered in this post: A-diet, 2 human interactions with unfavorable personalities.

As for the diet, this is a gradual and personal process since there are general guidelines for all humans but each individual has certain different needs that the individual needs to understand and provide for.

As for the associations with unfavorable personalities, this is one of the harder issues to handle especially at the beginning of the spiritual journey and especially with people who have known one for a long time and prior to beginning the spiritual journey in earnest. Those are the people that one interacted with previously and on a worldly basis and they can be the greater challenge in terms of the fact they know which “buttons to push” to get an emotional rise out of one. Yet the challenge can be a way to gauge the spiritual progress by enduring the taunts and letting go of the sentimental attachments to things that people who are ignorant, may say about one. Also the challenge can be in letting go of people who are not unfavorable personalities but who are the reverse but favorable in terms of desiring to live a worldly existence albeit not with strife but with better human possibilities.

Nevertheless, the challenges with unfavorable personalities or inimical ones is to grow beyond them regardless of their perspectives and discover and remain with the support of the higher inner Spirit.