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Asar Maat E

Udja – This post below was written by Uab Setna and submitted by Asar Maat on his behalf due to computer technology problems.


On March 24th 2019, the House of Heru (Per Heru) observed its 16th anniversary, by inviting former members, Temple of Amun, Basu Nation, family members and invited members of the public to be part of an extended noon day worship.
Our program began with a series of postures, led by Asar Ankh. The postures were focused on Heru and participants were seen to be enthusiastically engaged in the process.
The postures was then followed by a procession, the procession started from the outside of the room where everyone was gathered and proceeded towards the inside, where we went around twice. Those who participated in the procession were, Shemsu Anket, Satet, Ahit, Khonsu(Temple of Amun), Shems Tpy Manetho, Asar Khnum, Abu Amuntyt and Setna Nebi Ra.
After the image of Lord Heru was placed on the altar, we proceeded with noon day worship. Everyone in attendance had a copy of the Neterian Liturgy, so those who were experiencing this for the first time were able to follow along. Our partial intent was to demonstrate the four-fold process of the shedy disciplines which was shared with attendees.

Following our prayers and chants, we then proceeded with Divine singing, where we incorporated our regular temple songs with invited guests and their music. Those who were invited to be part of our divine singing component of the program were, Asar Seker, Shems Sekhmet and Shems Kheper of the Temple of Amun, Shems Ankhet and Rehkyt Ala.
Ala is an individual whose parents are Egyptian, was born here in the U.S. Her household practices Sufi Islam. She mentioned that she always had a burning desire and was drawn to find out more on the history and philosophy of Ancient Kemet. So being in our presence she said she felt awestruck and exhilarated just being there. (Also will begin coming to classes)

The devotional singing was then followed by our invited guest speaker, Ab Amuntyt presenting listening to the teaching. Ab Amuntyt’s presentation was on the Neteru of Selfless service and it was a job well done! It was my first time experiencing an Ab Amuntyt presentation in this format and it was vintage Ab Amuntyt…astounding!
Following Ab Amuntyt’s presentation on Selfless service, we had presentation of awards. The first three students who were recognized for their service were Shemsu Ankhet, Satet and Ahit. These students were appropriated the title of Shems Tpy. In addition,the Heru Ari Maat award was given to Shems Tpy Manetho for his outstanding service to the Neterian community and for his efforts in creating the Nigerian interest in the teachings. The Heru Sema Tawi award was given to Asar Ankh for his continuing service to the Neterian community in presenting the postures.

The final award was the Heru Ur award and this was presented to Asar Khnum. At this time adorations were given to our preceptors for their guidance and service to humanity.

Those receiving adulations were unaware of this part of the program, so it came as a pleasant surprise to all and they were appreciative. Also a monetary donation was given to myself/Pr Hru by the Temple of Amun. A gift was given by The Per Heru in to my person in recognition of service done. In addition, the Temple of Amun received a gift in the form of a sistrum shaped as the plumes of Amun.
This part of the program was followed by a brief session of the Glorious Light Meditation, which was led by Asar Khnum. We consequently finished our program by having ari. Everyone participated in the offering chant. The ari we had was brought through a contribution and collaboration from the Pr Hru members, as well as Asar Aknh’s mother in law. We had a total of 42 individuals who signed in, which did not include the children and a few people who came in late. So, we probably had a total of between 50 to 60 who were there.

An interesting footnote, there was an individual who was present, who has the natural ability to see auras. So he recounted that while outside waiting for the program to start, (he was there pretty early), he couldn’t help noticing the different shades/colors of the people as they came in. However, when the program started, which were the postures, he started to notice an overall change in the general atmosphere. He mentioned as the procession came in and as we got deeper into the program, the whole room became an overwhelming blue, with a few exceptions. For those who were at the altar, although there was an overwhelming blue, he noticed slivers of purple and white.
In essence, it was a wonderful day of Shetaut Neter and was encouraging to see the community come together to produce such nefer Khnuft Nefer.
Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Sebai Dja!

Ab Setna Nebi Ra.