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You stated many important principles imparted in this lesson:

“Your spiritual practice should be steady, balance and virtuous. Living a life of virtues keeps a balance in your dealing. Keeping a mental balance allowing yourself to experience quiet and peace. Doing what it takes to give up your worldly ways and beliefs as you cleanse yourself and understand the teachings more. You should be able to be flexible in your practice, your diet and be able to overcome all challenges in a balance way as you advance in the Shedy practices and wisdom teachings.”

And you have reported the statements in a very measured and positive way as opposed to being overwhelmed or thinking of those as a mountainous unreachable quest the way most ignorant people do. That is positive. One key that is important for aspirants is to remember that these principles are real and achievable but in the mean time they are to be treated as aspirational and patiently practiced to one’s capacity. This prevents undue stress and promotes balance and inner peace even while the spiritual quest intensifies.

Another important key to be highlighted is in the statement: “cleanse yourself with virtuous actions”

Here it is important not to underestimate the necessity and power of purification of body and mind so as to have greater freedom from obstructions due to impurities in thinking or feeling that warp the mind and with it the entire personality, preventing clear cognition and ethical living.

Thus continue reflecting in these positive and measured ways and you will continue developing in a gradual though dynamic fashion as desired in the spiritual path.