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A good post, nothing much to comment on as you have
generally and accurately reflected the teachings presented.  About your statement:

“to develop this understanding and become in awareness
of the Divine and life being unified with The Divine in thinking feelings and
doing. Yes it is encouraging to know that the union is inevitable, but who
wants to suffer for millions of years.”


the awareness of Divinity and life and thinking and feelings and all rolled
into one is an elemental existence experienced by those who have evolved to
discover the nature of existence. Again, indeed, it is a healthy way of
understanding to be encouraged and also feel the urgency of accomplishing the
goal of life and not procrastinating for another lifetime. Statements like “I
am young so let me have fun and when I get older I will apply myself to the
teachings” –that is an excuse and ego preservation strategy. It is a corrupting
theme that plays into egoistic, illogical and deluded notions that are the
reverse of the Neterian concept of offering. Under such corrupted conditions
the offering is not of youth, vibrancy, health but old age, damaged cells from
wrong living, dull mind due to too much partying and an agitated mind due to
not systematically working to calm and train the mind to fathom the depths of
transcendental existence.

Very good,
move forward with your studies.