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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 11 Awt Reading Assignment
Page 155 – 168

Question: The daily worship program consists of 3 worships during the day.
How should an aspirant think about their personal practice, how much importance to assign to it and what should they do about taking the time to make the three fold observances when at work and home around others who follow other traditions, or when nobody know how they are doing?

Answer: An aspirant thinks about cleansing themselves of the fetters of Seth, that they have learnt from following the ways, means and teachings of the world after many lifetimes and incarnations. So now that they are seeking to reawaken themselves through practicing the Shetaut Neter wisdom teachings and learning to participate in the daily Shedy disciplines to regain control over their mind, spirit, actions, body, mouth and emotions, with understanding that it will take time and patience. Gaining control over the fetters of Seth, the ariu and the ego that has become a part of the personality is very importance and will take time, focus and concentration over a time. An aspirant has to think very serious about the necessary disciplines and actions needed for them to participate in to cleanse themselves and become Gods and Goddesses again.

Much importance needs to be assign to this process in order for one to be successful in purifying the body, mouth/speech and mind in order to remove worldly vibrations and impressions of ignorance from the personality. A daily practice in the study, listening, reflecting, prayers and meditation, within the yoga exercises, the wisdom teachings and correcting ones eating patterning all serves to support the aspirant and leads to the proper independence of following Maat principles as we live with others who follow other traditions or when nobody know what you are doing. So an aspirant has to be concerned daily with purifying the body, speech and mind at all times.

Question: Choose an icon according to your spiritual inclination.

Question: Describe the “Hetep Slab” It is typically composed of a stone slab with male thing and female duck, symbols carved into the top, along with the symbol of supreme peace for Hetep, which consist of a loaf of bread and an offering mat, which was composed of woven reed and two libation vessels.

Question: You should try not to come in to the Temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so forth.

**Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the Temple**

You want to be cleansed when you enter the temple physically, your mouth and speech and your mind purified. Not uttering harsh words to anyone or harboring envy or any worldly vibrations and ignorant impressions caused by negative thoughts, actions or emotions. You want your hygiene to be pure and clean of your body, speech and mind. You will not harbor negative thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so forth. You will be silent rather than talkative, introverted rather than extroverted and dedicated and meditative. Being devoted to the chanting, divine singing with devotion in your worship to the divine with divine love. You will have no had sex before entering the temple or had done any meat eating. You will leave all worldly possession at the door. You will be respectable to the Sehu, Seba and other initiates. You will be respectable to your Shedy group.
You will be open to receiving the spiritual teachings and be constantly devoted to the divine in a balance orderly way, to allow the Udja, the divine fire within you to grow in a smooth and study way.

What is the meaning of the term Seba? Preceptor, illumination force, star, shining object.
Name the different ways one can sit in the temple.

One can sit in the cross-legged posture, the Lotus posture or the half Lotus posture. The other posture is sitting on a chair with your legs together and your hands on both sides of your tights. Another one is sitting on the ground with your feet together as if you were sitting on a chair with your feet together or the same posture and grasping your legs side by side and holding your legs together.

Question: Hygiene of your body, mouth, speech and of your mind are the three main concerns for an initiate.