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a brief post covering important teachings.
Important among these is the statement:

“The aspirant has to decide to become humble because their ego, pride and ignorance must be offered to the divine. They must pledge their service to the preceptor in the form of physical, mental and spiritual support and devotion. A free will can be surrendered to the divine without a second thought or reservation.”

On most Ancient Egyptian temples there are scenes of the PERAA (Pharaoh) fighting inimical forces and capturing and delivering them to the Divine. In this way, the wayward structures of egoism and the frailties, ignorance, wayward desires and perversions of the personality away from Divine awareness are to be captured by a spiritual aspirant and delivered to the Divine, that is to say, capture the negative aspects of the personality, restrain them and sublimate them before the awesome experience of divine self-awareness that dispenses with any and all inimical forces of the personality and affords to it the opportunity to enter into the inner shrine of Self-discovery!.

continue the good work.