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Maat Middleton

Lesson 10 Level 1 Reading Interactive Assignment #8828 by Edward Stephens.

I appreciate Edward statement about the externalized consciousness reinforcing the development of negative aryu, the residues of which becomes embedded in our unconscious mind and influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. He also state how the externalized consciousness is antagonistic to those processes that leads to the purification of the self. He brought to light that the more removed we are from our inner Amun self, is the more we subject ourselves to the degrading energies that exists in the outer material realm.

Edward stated that the aryu creates situations in the world by which we come entangled. The create the human dilemma where by the more we become a part of the world the more we become removed from our true selves (who we truly are). I agree with Edward, we need to free ourselves from the influences of the Aryu that held us bondage.

I am finding that just as Edward said we need the continued use of the Shedy disciplines including Uashu (devotion) which purifies our emotions, Uua (meditation) which purifies our will, Rech-Ab (study of the wisdom teachings) to purify our heart. Edward added that these purification processes are made possible by us aligning ourselves with the Neteru’s by embracing and manifesting the principles that they represent, in order to become able to distinguish the real “vs” illusory, truth from untruth.

Edward brought back to my attention to how our thoughts and physical desires serve as a veil to preventing us form perceiving, knowing and being connected to our spiritual (Amun) consciousness. The practice of yoga meditation in particular, serves as the tool that allows us to remove the veil and discover our true inner selves.

Sebai Maa gave audio feedback on the working of the mind and the aryu. How a person can sometimes control and sometime not control the aryu or the mind and much more.