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Bastu Baket

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Udja Shems Arit,

Dua for this very reflective post. In Verse 12 you ask “What does it mean to know the name of Ra? You mention “Stay close to the goddess and seek out the nature of the one true essential being.” Indeed the staying close to the goddess is a very important key. How do we stay close to her? By emulating her. By thinking and reflecting as she had. By transforming our personality into a sacred vessel as she had so we can move past our personality into the Oneness of Ra.

I appreciated your further insights into what is needed at a higher level, ny the devotional aspects move toward a more inward rather than outward expression, recognizing that what is truly abiding has always been within not outward. “Scatter the hair, Aset is there!” I truly appreciate that saying as a reminder to clear the obstructions of aryu, through purification and righteous living, study and application of wisdom and who will we be close to? The Goddess Aset of course!

Bastu Baket