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Bastu Baket

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Udja Shems Yashi,

Dua for your reflection on the bonus slide Sebai Maa had provided in the Lesson 5 and the hieroglyph of Haity. Indeed these sisters have the power to resurrect Asar when one recognizes these capacities within oneself. I appreciated how you brought out the formula of Saa and Divine wisdom and truth to affect the ultimate goal of Nehast.

In recalling this lesson of this slide I felt a deep connection with the sisters as well and how they are twins assisting each other. Many times we feel we can do things on our own but this type of thinking only brings more misery. Joining with the Neteru and aligning ourselves with righteousness brings a harmony and balance and employing the gems that Aset gives us of Khak-ab, Antet Begag and An Chen these allow further movement to our spiritual goal of knowing the Divine Name of Ra.

Bastu Baket