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Arit Neter S

Reading Assignment
Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

Antet Begag: relentless pursuit of the goal
to know the name of Ra. The essence of Ra

Ta Mi Ra Ari Gert Ta:
The goal to be like Ra: to become the divinity
To not be ignorant while on Earth, in effect to be Like Ra? That is to become divine as he, dual consciousness, absolute creativity, Neter Neterty,
HOW: by appropriating for oneself the divine knowledge as he has? And then she thought: ”while on earth, even while alive I could be a…..(Netert/goddess)

Why? Because we already have the formula, for Djed n a Ren a k, and the other aspects. But in this verse, we are told HOW, as in how to apply the teachings and execute our own plan for Nehast: I interpret this to mean, to acquire the knowledge, instructions wisdom, etc, to live as a Neter Neterty, because this is what Ra truly is. To live in such a way to experience success, to experience life, in the spiritual and physical plane, to be a living Caduceus, Om Maati Maakheru.