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Arit Neter S

Lesson 5

Video Assignment

List important points covered in this lecture


1. Ra asked Asar and Aset to be be leaders for humankind. They came to earth as humans, but lost memory of their true divinity. Had lost full divinity on coming in human form.
2. Ra is Dual Divinity
3. Aset comes in the form of a physical woman. Seeking her Divinity. She has power to calm waters of mental disturbances, and has knowledge of Sacred Words of Power to stop the Movement that is Creation
4. Goal of scripture is to lead you to a place where you can have a transcendental experience. One that is so powerful, that it would “surpass all other experiences and would wash away billions of airy thru hundreds or thousands of lifetimes”
5. The 3 steps pf this system are similar to steps in other systems, due to the fact that Asar traveled the globe sharing the wisdom teachings.
6. Lady Aset has completed stage 1, listening to the teachings, and now has khan ab: disgust with the degradation of life, of the illusion of life.

7. The heart is the cause of incarnation, the aryu that resides in one’s heart.
Opacity of heart, heart is unconscious mind, if opacity, cannot see beyond egoism

8. When you chant one hour each day, Even if you stop, for several hours, when attention, turns, you will hear chant in back of mind. the Unconscious mind keeps chanting while earth level mind is doing some kind of task…
9. Khak ab helps to work out issues of world of time and space. Friend and foe, real and unreal, what is the worth of doing things in world of time and space, they transform the aryu. Pressure that is pushing you to be in the world. Attachments. Cause ripples that cause opacity that LEADS to egoism.

From bonus scripture #2
10.Special utterance, professional mourners. An utterance of lamentation of then toil of life and the loss of spirit. Power of NebtHet: purified body. Power of Aset: purified m ind and intuition. together, they have the power to bring the soul back.

11. The goal is to be Like Ra: Neter, Neterty. A divine, enlightened entity. Dual consciousness.

Verse 12
12. What does it mean to know the name of Ra?

Stay close to the goddess and seek out the nature of the one true essential being which means to know the name. Seek the name without stopping

The name of something gives it its existence. If it cannot be named, it cannot be known on the realm of time and space. Cognize and compare. The delusion is that you thunk you know it by naming it.
Science fools itself by thinking that it knows a thing because it knows the name of something, the name it gave to the thing! But they do not know the essence of any of the things they have named! LOL!!

Aset is looking for that which is abiding, and unending . At the higher level, need to start doing a higher kind of worship: with no candles, libations no speaking no chanting etc. no spoken Hetep offering,. Then the next kind is in a realm called an rutef, the place of nothing, the higher kind of worship.
Verse 14

13. Ab/heart is the depository for your aryu.