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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 8 Damaz Alexis #7516 Audio Assignment

A few of the remarkable issues that impressed me with a divine stimulation and inner connection with my spiritual journey is as follows:

I found it amazing how DamazAlexis put together his finding of the evolution of the soul and what life is like when a person follows the dictates of the senses and ignorance, thinking that they are abiding. My life and so many other people’s life’s has been under those very same influences and I paid the price over many life times and in this present life to be yoked back into a desire for spiritual wisdom, with all that is has to offer my life. I find it’s very true that the wrong associations reinforce ignorance about the true identity of the soul and self.

As I continue to discover that the wisdom teachings of yoga is used to cause a person to move further away from worldly entanglements and negative situations all together. It has become my experience due to life providing hard lessons that I am now growing from. The study and finding of the ancient sages on how to control the mind and stay in harmony with one’s divine nature has worked from the beginning of time and is able to work to support and create harmony within the self vs the disharmony and conflict that comes from normal human life in the world today, just as it has in the past, for all those willing to practice the teachings and study them with devotion.
The ancient wisdom teachings of the African sages is the biding truth and absolute reality of transcending from the illusory state of mind and living life in ignorance. The teachings of Shetaut Neter and the Shedy practices is designed to purity the mind and take it away from egoism and the lower nature within the self, thus causing the lower nature to evolve into a higher nature or to harmonized with the higher nature of the self.

DamazAlexis also spoke about how we have to strive to keep up with our daily practices regularly and not give up half way thinking we have became successful and start relaxing. The teachings need to be with us all the time and in everything that we do and think. Likewise getting rid of the fetters of Set within the self take’s hard work and concentration through mediation to restore order and the true nature of the self-alongside of other devotional actions that foster living Maat as we develop virtue in practicing the teachings and studying the wisdom.

Just as Sebai Maa state in the reply to DamaAlexis post, which I can relate too, the aspirational aspect of Damaz essay and the difficulties that that has to be addressed to realize the truth after living a life of ignorance and in a illusory state of mind for generations, reincarnating over and over again must have great difficulties involved.

I do realize that I am still living in the illusory state of existence on different levels, but no longer as blind as I once was. I also bare great witness to the magnetic effects of negative associations I experienced in my past I am empowered to change. My understanding of the slow gradual process of developing the correct discipline is finally becoming a means of consciousness where I am focusing on relaxing and allowing my transcendental knowledge to grow from within me outwards. At its own paste cause that is exactly what has been happening over the the years in this incarnation of mines. I also realized that although I made plenty mistakes in life being that this western society foster such mistakes in life of a innocent person very easy, if their is a thing of innocent. The society uses music, television, movies, the media’s entertainments, sports, all types of fast foods and fashions to secure ignorant within the masses and the population in general world wide. So coming back to the world of time and space is hard on everyone.

I know that the Neteru’s have always been with me guiding my steps, proving me with the means, and experiences I needed to awaken myself to higher consciousness for as long as I can remember. These actions could have also came from my very own spirit as well. The Neteru’s have furthered my journey with all the necessary lessons that was needed to lead me on this path of resurrecting myself back into my ancient memory of the ancient sage wisdom teachings, yoga, Shedy and Shetaut Neter learning experiences and truth. What a great love deep within me causing all this to happen for me. I have been spiritually able to bring myself to the proper discipline to discover the meaning of who I am. When I think about the many people who are not yet interested in living or finding these truth I can say I am truly blessed. There is a part of me that knows and I must pull myself together and become the total reality of all that I am. I find myself growing up out of the mud that this life in the world has been about. I have to transcend time and space awareness to find wholeness in this great evolution of my soul return to my divine self.

I did appreciate this post and found my very own experiences expressed on another level which open my insight more, so good associations is truly a benefit.