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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 8 Audio Assignment
224B- What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice

sebai Maa gave us an example of how someone subjected their self to living in a very degraded state, where the person didn’t even know what happen to them while acting in degraded ways and behaviors.

He also said that we should focus on our actions making them pure and not looking at the results, not expecting anything for the right actions we commit ourselves to doing. Right actions is in place with living by Maat and cultivating virtue which is a very important step for us to manifest in our lives.

We need to think about God consistently. We need to practice our spiritual practice in a formal and informal way. Doing so naturally, as easy and simple as possible every day without stressing ourselves. Gradually advancing into the Shedy discipline a little at a time, while continuing to study the wisdom teachings, listening, reflecting upon the teachings and practicing as much as is right for the time you are able to invest.

We need to keep company with like minded people, or with good associations for the best possible growth in our spiritual development process. We need to practice the teachings no matter what it appear like to you, be it progress or the lack off.

I am currently implementing the teachings given in the book and lecture. I am practicing the prayers, meditation, chanting, studying, exercising with the yoga postures and listening to the teachings and reflecting upon them also. I keep the company of good associations and have discontinued keeping company with people who oppose my way of life and add no value to my time with them. I have been taking classes and using the chat rooms for more awareness in the study practices. I am also eating a vegetarian diet and working on more discipline with my eating habits. I have been experiencing a upward drive for a long time but lately I am being challenged to operate in a more humble fashion with patience and calm attention to staying in the present and not seeking anything but maintaining a peace of mind and focusing on keeping up with as much of my Shedy discipline practices as possible, but in a more calm, simple and easy fashion.