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marcus muse

In regards to post #6321
Dua to Sandra and Sebai Maa for the nefer additions.
There was a comment by Sandra about neoplasticity being the brains ability to create new pathways with repeated effort and information and in a sustained way this can lead to a change in the personality. I’ve never learned of the concept before but was delighted to hear about the explanations. Sebai Maa has explained that Aryu pays a huge part in this as well being that it has an effect on creation of the physical body and mind as well as it’s capacity to find healing and health, to live by faith or ignorance and or disease. This was great to learn ! And moving upward it is empowering when applied in opposition of my adversity. The shedy disciplines chants and hymns take on a new vitality when concepts like these are introduced.
Dua to Sandra and Seba Maa again ! Dua
Aspirant Rakhem

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