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RaKhem KhepeRa

Level 1 lesson 2 video lecture


In this video there were emphasis on the two main types of worship. There was first of all rechyt or laypeople , “outside of clergy”. It was not clear to me wether these people worshipped the Gods and Goddesses or not but if they did I would imagine they worshipped outside of the two forms. The first form of worship was publicly and with the assistance of the priests and priestesses within the temple walls. The other form of worship was private, inside the home with an altar and in a small place facing east like we do today.

Integral shedy being the proper application of the teachings or yogic process that facilitates the balanced development of all the aspects of the personality, bringing them into harmony and proper development so as not to have what Seba Maa called a “lopsided journey “. This is fundamental and crucial in the health development of the aspirant.

Seti uaa’s tomb depicts the earliest form of meditation called the Glorious Light Meditation system complete with visualizations for proper becoming, chant for proper practice and correct posture. This visualization depicts a circle within a circle with the intent on being the still dot as it is encircled by the sun disk or aten, becoming quiet and still on this idea. Even before the meditation practices of the Indus Valley of India these inscriptions existed.

There are 5 phases in the postures
Khepri the creator
Earth phase which is Geb
Animorphic elements
Higher self phases
Establishment In the higher self
In a deeper analysis we learned that western culture practices these posture for health benefits only and not totally from a spiritual evolutionary foundation. I thought this was an important theme when we reflect on the idea that “most westerners are not capable of exploring spirituality outside of the western ideology”

Ma’at is the cornerstone and foundation of which creation stands upon and exists. Needless to say it is the foundation for understanding, feeling, learning without ego and coming into harmony with the universe. Not surrendering and not understanding how to apply the teachings is as Seba Maa put it , “the main reason why aspirants fail” in the pursuit of Maat Righteousness.This philosophy gives the aspirant the correct way of applying the teachings, understanding them and making them useful when put to the test of everyday worldly situations . Not only being righteous for the sake of righteousness but to discover cosmic harmony between you and the universe. This would be the goal of the aspirant. Also a profound assertion was expoused on the correct way to approach the teachings and teacher with no ego, dropping your prior ideas and accepting the teachers teaching with the full intent of following within your best ability to do what has been instructed.

What stood out to me the most was a question that was raised about wisdom wherein the teacher explained the nature of the teachings and how one needs time for the wisdom to process for reflection and repeated effort in understanding. This being because wisdom equals knowledge plus experience. Information does not equal wisdom ,nor doe intellectual brightness. Intellectual understanding and the Aha! Or saaa from direct understanding .