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TOA Lesson 7

WHich hieroglyphic term(s) covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The term(s) that captivated me most are variations of Khepera. It was used in the following verses:

vs 39- khepertu (creations)- ….the expressions Ra created that begins to leave him, he can not keep his creations intact.
Vs 41 Khepera- Set ( some creature/ created thing)
Vs 46 Kheperu- created as in an outflow created through Divinity. Ra is an emission of Neter created through Divinity.
Vs 49- Khepera-a- (my reflections that manifest as gods and goddesses)
Vs 52- Kheperu- Kheperu- (created power)- completion/completing the acquisition of power needed to get RA to divulge his name.

Following the use of the term gave the indication that everything within our existence is our creation like the contents of our dreams. VS 49 calls creations Ra’s reflections. They are emanations from ourselves. It takes a great deal of physical, mental and sekhem energy to create and maintain our creations. But, they work on our behalf, to offer the experiences we desire. When these creations begin to dissolve through the cycles of life and death, they have an impact on our existence depending on our level of attachment and our understanding of their existence. It can sometimes feel as if we are losing apart of ourselves, and we are. But, it is apart of our material/matter self not our higher, true self. When we identify with our true self and saa, understand, the nature of our creations and how they emanate from us, the letting go and uha process is able to be done with greater ease.

The term is captivating to me because it lessens the hold of created things that seem to have individuality and associated with emotional experiences and memory. It also helps to remind that not only is it all illusiory but all are one/ form one source,my own essence and therefore never lost nor missing.