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Maat Middleton

Interaction Assignment Level 1 Lesson 7
#8256 by Edward Stephens

I resonate with Edward that Shedy is a form of resurrection, where an aspirant goes from being spiritually dead to being spiritually alive.
Practicing Shedy is about becoming spiritually awakened leading to Nehast.

I am impressed by how Edward expressed his finding of the ingredients that composed a spiritual life. How truthfulness includes knowing that nothing we perceive in time and space is enduring.

I might have missed out on the point that virtue has a corresponding vice which serves to cloud the intellect and prevent one from seeking the truth. Yet I do agree with his point that one moves from one level of truth to a higher level and we will need to let go of the truth at previous levels to develop into higher truths.

I agree with Edward that to be humble in a continuous spiritual practice with flexibility within one practice is something necessary from the practice of Shedy. So to spiritualize our lives and seeing our self as a conduit for the divine serves to keep our purity advancing and helps to relinquish the ego.

Sebai Maa added that at some point truth should be followed as far as they lead and then let go until the ultimate is arrived at. Edwards post gave me further insight into the practice and experiences I am having on my spiritual path and journey.