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Maat Middleton

Level Lesson 7 Audio Assignment
224 A- What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice

Shedy allows you to penetrate the mysteries and gain insight into the teachings. Shedy is a form of resurrection which allows you to become a true human being. shedy means that which is going to be transformed as you enter higher truths while doing the practice.

We are considered as corpse or a mummy until we come to life on a spiritual path and become awakened into a true human being. Otherwise we are like an insect or animal, living life without spiritual knowledge. Living life without spiritual knowledge cause’s one to experience a life filled with hardship and adversities.

If a person lives life correctly they can be greater than other human beings. We have to learn to cultivate virtues and bring those virtues into our everyday life. We must have continuous practices, we must have right thinking, right action, non-stealing, truthfulness, non-violence and self-control and righteous actions in our lives.

Nothing you obtain through your egoistic self is lasting. Living your life in accordance with truth (Maat) is the only life that will last.

A person shouldn’t make major changes in their life while they are making spiritual changes in their life. They shouldn’t act in a fanatical way seeking to get out of the world no matter what happens. It is best to take your time and keep yourself from becoming a fanatic. It takes a least 1 year to correct the thoughts and beliefs you have held onto in your mind over the years and past lives that are not true. You need time to make adjustments in your knowledge and understanding of the spiritual knowledge and the truth that you are seeking.

Yoga philosophy never ask you to do anything blindly. Truth is something you have to learn. Each virtuous action will help you clean your mind and gain purity in your daily life.

Your spiritual practice should be steady, balance and virtuous. Living a life of virtues keeps a balance in your dealing. Keeping a mental balance allowing yourself to experience quiet and peace. Doing what it takes to give up your worldly ways and beliefs as you cleanse yourself and understand the teachings more. You should be able to be flexible in your practice, your diet and be able to overcome all challenges in a balance way as you advance in the Shedy practices and wisdom teachings.

Seeing yourself as a servant of humanity. Seeing yourself as God working through you to serve. Selfless service is the greatest way to reach purity of heart.

Whatever it is that you are doing wrong today comes from past actions, not just your present day action, the mind gives ideas to you and you have to cleanse yourself with virtuous actions in order to correct the mind and live like a God or Goddess.

Ordinary human life is more ratchet that the life of an animal, so we must be aware of these facts and seek to discover truth and become virtuous beings so that we will develop as Gods and Goddesses and become enlighten beings.