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Sehu Khepera


The following is the ritual performed for the Neterian community to start the planting season. Shems Ola asked me if I would do a ritual program for yhe Garden Group and all those engaged in the planting project stemming from the Wise Kemetic Living group started by Sebai MAA. The ritual was performed remotely, virtually, on Monday March 4th. The following is the ritual performed, portions contain Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Maat Ankhu Maat, Maat neb bu ten, Cha hena Maat, Ankh hena Maat Ha sema Maat, Dua Maat neb bu ten
Maat is the source of life, Maat is everywhere you are, Rise in the morning with Maat, Live with Maat, let every limb
join with Maat


Tua em Shemsu en
I am one of those followers of
Eu sou um desses seguidores de

Neberdjer er seshu en Kheperu
Neberdjer. In accordance with the writings of Lord Kheperu
Neberdjer. De acordo com os escritos de Lord Kheperu

Dua Asar neb Restau paut Neteru aat amy
Adorations Asar Lord of Restau and the company of the great Gods and Goddesses of
Adorações Asar Senhor dos Restau ea companhia dos grandes deuses e deusas da

Neter khert Neterkhert Neter

Anetej hr k khenty Amentet un-nefer hr ab abdu
Homage to the president of Amentet the beautiful face in the heart of Abdu
Homenagem ao presidente da Amentet o rosto bonito no coração de Abdu

Matentu a yy ku an nek araty
May I come, let me arrive that I may bring to thee the two serpent Goddesses of
Posso entrar, deixe-me chegar para que eu possa trazer para ti as duas deusas serpente de

Restau Restau Restau

Light your candle in silence
Acenda sua vela em silêncio

Symbolizes the Akhu or Divine Light that is to be awakened
Simboliza o Akhu ou Divina Luz que está a ser despertado

Light your incense
Luz o seu incenso

Symbolizes the fragrance of your
personality which will exude with a divine odor that will rise up and attract as well as commune with the divine
Simboliza a fragrância da sua
personalidade que vai transpirar com um divino odor que se levantará e atrair, bem como comunhão com o divino

Asar, I have given unto thee the Eye of Heru, and thy face is filled with it, and the perfume of the
Eye of Heru spreads itself over me.
Asar, tenho dado a ti o Olho de Heru, e teu rosto é preenchido com ele, eo perfume do
Olho de Heru espalha-se por cima de mim.

Pour libation
Despeje lação

Symbolizes the one pointed concentration of the mind towards the Divine
Simboliza a uma concentração pontas da mente para o Divino

This libation is for thee oh Asar, This libation is for Asar it comes forth from Heru.
Esta oferenda é para ti oh Asar, esta oferenda é para Asar ele sai da Heru.

Fruit offering Oferta de frutas

Symbolizes the AWAKENING of the eye of intuitional realization of the knowledge of self
Simboliza o despertar do olho de realização ntuitive do conhecimento de si mesmo

Asar the eye of Heru which has been snatched out of the hand of Set, has been presented for you.
Asar o olho de Heru que foi arrancada da mão de Set, foi apresentado para você.

Asar henk k amt k madjed k sper k (*4)
Asar, there has been presented unto thee that which has been pressed out from thee, which hast come forth from thee

Bury Asar-sprinkle seeds, place Asar over seeds, bury Asar

Dua Asar Un Nefer Neteraa, Dua Asar her Abdu, Dua Asar Neb Djeta, Dua Asar Suten heh (*4)
Adorations to Asar-Pure Existence, exalted Divinity, Adorations to Asar-innermost essence of Abdu City of God, Adorations to Asar-Lord of Eternity, Adorations to Asar-King of Eternity

Ya Neteru amou pet, Ya Neteru amou ta, Ya Neteru amou Duat, Ya Neteru ashesh muu, Ya Neteru amou shemsu (*4)
Hail Gods and Goddesses amid heaven, hail Gods and Goddesses amid earth, hail Gods and Goddesses amid the Netherworld, hail Gods and Goddesses who spit forth the waters from the primordial sea, hail Gods and Goddesses among the followers of Neberdjer

EM HTP chyy cher Neter Aah ur bu entyy Neter pu shepsy am (*2)
Passing through peace- by way of the unification of opposites while being raised up to the be in the presence of this Great Divinity with cleanliness of heart and purity; that which is commensurate to this Great Divinity of the nobles, here in this place

(Text from Tombs of the Nobles, Aswan, Egypt-KMT)

Amau sou en pa neter, seou ke su ement en pa neter aou tuatu ma kheti pa haru (*4)
Give thyself to God, keep thy self-daily for God and let tomorrow be as today