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Maat Middleton

Interaction Assignment Level 1 Lesson 6
Great Truths of Shetaut Neter
#2572 Nefertem (Participant) Reading 59-68

I agree with Nefertem statement that as a spiritual aspirant our prospects are positive towards achieving enlightenment within this life time. Considering the history of the Gods and Goddesses helps me to believe in myself and my abilities to accomplish anything. My visions and understanding is expanding with my daily Shedy practicing. The wisdom teachings, chanting the four great truths, the change of diet and practicing Shedy is allowing me to cleanse my heart and mind. The very thoughts of living Maat balances the self after a good or long time of daily practice. It’s all a part of the Shetaut Neter. My desire to get rid of the fetters of Set from within me makes it very possible to stick with the practicing of the four great truths daily. I can see that both Seba Maa and Seba Dja learned and practice the teachings and are now sharing their divine wisdom with other souls and spirits, blessing them.

Seba Maa mention that a helpful process on the spiritual path is when you accept and understand the teachings, as you cleanse your personality with the Shedy disciplines the teachings can transform from intellectual notions into an experienced fact leading to the different degrees of discovering what this wisdom really means. To believe in the self is a very important part of the learning process too.