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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 6 Video Assignment
Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

List important themes and what impressed me the most.

The meaning and step to the prayers are as follows:
1. The prostration before the altar, uncover your altar.

2. Light the candle: The candle symbolizes the light of the divine self. It’s called Akhu. Lighting the spirit within yourself.

3. Lighting of the incense: from ancient times in the land of Kush and Nubia, the fragrance of the incense and your personality commune your virtue, your truth, your righteousness, as the incense that rises up to the divine with your offering towards enlightenment. The fragrance is your personality.

4. Pouring Libation: A continuous pouring of water, symbolizes a practice of mental thoughts in the direction of the divine instead of the world.

5. Offering: A food offering is given of fruits or vegetables.

The chant of the spoken offering: chant words of power that transform the mind, creation and the personality. When these words are recited with the power of understanding and feeling they will transform your life.

The Heka are uttered or offered four times, four times symbolizing creation, the North, South, East and West.

We are to recite the Four Great Truths and add the divine singing chants 4x each.

Shetaut Neter, Hidden Divinity, Hidden way of the divine self, how to know the divine self.

Rekh means to know.

Maturity is needed to follow and understand the teachings.

The world teaches you impermanence, you can’t linger in the world. Whatever you do in the world doesn’t last. It all comes to an end. The whole universe is going to dissolve in to where it came.

You need diligence in the practice of the discipline to enable you to have the clarity of mind and body to be able to understand the teachings.

Truth is something that is unchangeable.

There is something within us that is transcendental. We have to find out where the spirit has gone too.

Unrighteousness leads to the fetters of Set which is ignorance.

A righteous path leads to Maat. Deviations from that is unMaat and leads to situation where you are caught up in the feeling of the body, the senses of the body, the desires of the body and you’re a slave to the fetters of the body.

Unrighteousness opens the door to the fetters which is ignorance.

Being in the darkness of ignorance you’re going to run into all kinds of situations that will lead you to pain and sorrow. Ignorance leads you to all the darkness in life.

s-Uashu s-Nafu n saiu Set

The third teachings devotion to the divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set. Devotion to the world and unrighteousness opens up a world of pain. Being devoted to the divine means living by Maat.

Ari Shedy Rekh ab, m Maakheru

Doing the Shedy discipline, devotional practices, loving others as you love yourself, loving nature, not telling lies, not stealing.

The 3rd is Maat and the 4th is meditation.

The 3 basic realms are the physical, the astral plane (Duat) and the casual plane.

1st myth. That part of spirituality that relate you into the culture and relate you to the practice.

Book of the Dead which is the book of ritual.

ritual is the aspect that supports the myth, the offering, and the eye of Heru, the eye of inner vision. If your action emergence with your understanding and your devotion than you will have the practice of mysticism.

Khepri is the lord of creation.

Djehuty is the divinity of mind.

Lord Asar instituted the Shetaut Neter.

We have to work to rid ourselves of the fetters of ignorance. We have to elevate ourselves and that is what the practice of Shetaut Neter is all about.

I am impressed by how the practice of the Shedy discipline and the teaching of the wisdom of Shetaut Neter changes the personality with daily rituals. I fills me with joy knowing and experiencing how the chanting and singing to the divine within you opens you being better able to understand the teachings. This causes me to become even more thankful to the ancient sage wisdom teachings and practices in this day and time. These truths lived throughout millions and millions of life times and years and still work. These truths allows us a divine union with ourselves and the universe. I am so impressed.