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List the important points covered in this lesson

For this segment of the scripture I reflected back on verse 12:
Netert Ka Set in ab-set er cher/rech
In verse 12 the cosmic force within Lady Aset cause her to begin to think deeply about its existence, concentration.
This concentration became deeper and deeper now going into the depths of the unconscious mind, one’s own heart. In verse 12 Meditation begins. The answer to “Who am I?” is knowable. The fluctuations that are the waves called creation are able to be stopped permanently. We were taught that if you remove any leg of a table the whole table will collapse. Breaking the cycle before completion when complacency is at its peak and the bulk of its work appears done and it is unsuspecting of anything out of the ordinary arising in those final hours is brilliant and a wise move by the Lady of Wisdom. All her concentration was centered on penetrating the mystery of creation and sought to find its source. Aset demonstrated where shedy leads one. Devotion, meditation, right action and studying the wisdom teachings all lead to concentrated energy of the human personality (body, mind and sekhem) from a place of wavering feelings and desires pulled by attractions and repulsions for external things to relentless pursuit of truth, a sharp intellect and an nemu nemu, stillness, within the mind, a strong will power, an chen, without stopping and action that are one pointed without attachment to ego concerns.

In the creation story we learned that creation has a particular path that it follows. Everything in time and space emerged from the ocean of undifferentiated consciousness/unformed matter as light, sound then vibrations. The subtlest elements merge to form larger more complex grosser elements These grosser elements coagulate to form cosmic forces and eventually aspects of the human personality. This process of creation is learned in the temple teachings and can be explored further through chemistry, engineer, medicine, etc, all examining different movements of Creation. The core of all these sciences however all break down and point back to the same questions about the nature of existence, “What is it, what is its essence?” We learned in verse 20 that wisdom and its words of power is the fire of the mind.
The creation story illustrated how everything in creation comes into being down to the human personality. Here I saw a line between the higher mysteries which all focused on the subtler aspects of creation and its origin from the lower mysteries which are focused on how these subtler forces manifest in time and space into tangible things that can be further manipulated to form more “things”. All created things are illusions that are sustained by subtle energy that is sustained by a demigod creator who emerged from the primordial ocean who has another aspect that Aset WILL uncover.
It is understandable that a human/lady Aset would, in learning about detachment and dispassion, seek to find the truth of creation “out there” and some point. However, through deeper study of the teachings and deeper concentration and meditation, it is understood that by the point Aset knows there is no “out there” and that the source of and essence of creation is to be known in the stillness, right here.
Aset fashioned herself into the taffy shepsy and turned it on by purifying her unconscious mind not by a specific breathing and meditation. By purifying her thoughts, emotions, actions and will she was able to go deeper and deeper into meditative states to witness the emergence of her own creations from the unconscious mind. She collected the subtle drippings from these emergence as they move through her mind into manifestations, purifying them, not giving opportunity for them to manifest as they once did.
The ability to witness thoughts as they emerge from the unconscious mind amazed me. The conscious mind is likened to the tip of an iceberg that is above the water while the subconscious mind is likened to the part of the iceberg below the water which is unseen and make up most of the ice. The unconscious mind makes the ice. To go to such depths requires a stillness and focus in all aspects of shedy. Once her/the taffy shepsy is completed and still long enough, it bit creation before it completed any further manifestations.

In verse 35-53 we now are told what happens to creation.

Vs 35- 37 Creation begins to chatter and tremble. Its entire existence becomes overwhelmed by the one pointedness of the fire in the mind and concentrated life force energy. Before chattering completely creation paused long enough, like a narrator in a play, to question/declare what is taking place and what it (creation) really is.

Vs 38-40 All that creator has created in creation as itself is now chattering and “going away”. Creation calls on it’s illusion but the illusions can not remain intact because the one pointed focus is locked in and overwhelming it.

Vs 41-44 It was interesting to hear that this creator aspect of Neter neterty does not know what the taffy shepsy is or how it was created. There is something that is created that the creator did not create. Is it that the taffy shepsy is not created through a creation process but through a dissolution process. This further confirmed for me that creation can only create more illusions no matter how scientifically advanced. Only dissolving creation can reveal what is really real, the other aspect of Neter Neterty.

I reflected on whether there is more than one Ra since all humans are manifesting their own illusions called creation. It seem possible that everyone has their own Ra who is the center of their own illusory existence. That would mean to me that ALL is still equal to ONE.
Does creation not know its own true essence? Does the cosmic forces of creation not know its own essence? The magnificence of Intuition, one of the characteristics that distinguish the human personality from all other created beings, is evident here.

Vs- 45-48 Creation reveals it is only an emission of Neter, the son of a king, a prince, not the supreme being. However in verse 47 we learn that being a son of the supreme being, the essence of Neter IS its name and by knowing the name of the creator one would know the essence from which it emerged. Everything that is fashioned in creation are continuations of its own body composed of this subtle essence. There is an aspect of the creator that manifests as created things, the a reflection/shadow of the original, and an aspect that does not manifest as created things, the soul and glorious light.

VS 50-53 Hidden within creation and as creation is the divine name spoken by its mother and father that is its very being. Hekenu sings and knows this truth. This name that holds creation together allows creation to have completion/existence like a thread that hold a fabric together and allows it to be fabric and to become garments and have use according to one’s desires.
The name allows Ra’s journey to be completed each “day” in our illusion. The nameless name completes Ra beyond time and space. If one discovers this name/word of power the completion of creation would be in jeopardy/over/seen for what it is. The taffy shepsy poisoned creation to reveal what it is not. What it truly IS now needs to be EXPERIENCED fully beyond the senses and mind.

Everypoint in creation is Ra and contain its hidden essence. Any one point can be focused on to reveal the hidden divine name. Lady Aset didn’t use one particular meditation of breathing technique to chatter creation she cleansed her personality, developed one pointed focus and stillness.

Any one point can be focused on if one can focus long enough, often enough with their divine essence.