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Udja and Welcome to the Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Classroom

-Sebai MAA

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In this program you will be led through a series of teachings and experiences that are designed to help you do the work necessary to lead yourself towards spiritual enlightenment. Specifically, in this level you are concerned with learning about and becoming seated in the fundamental purpose of the teaching of Shetaut Neter and what needs to be done by you to achieve becoming an authentic aspirant of the teachings. So now you are not practicing on your own but you have chosen to enter into an initiatic process with direct leadership on the path and you are to rely on that choice of yours and on that leadership that you have vetted so that you may allow your personality to understand the teaching and be successful on the path. The statement just given follows the Ancient Egyptian injunctions of the initiates: (4)”Have faith in your master’s ability to lead you along the path of truth,” (5)”Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth,” (6)”Have faith in your ability to act with wisdom.” That work will be accomplished through listening to audio recorded lectures, video recorded lectures and reading from books prepared by Sebai Maa (Dr. Muata Ashby). The Discussion section will serve as a means for you to express your understanding of the teaching and receive confirmation, or correction along with augmentation of the teaching contained in the recordings and readings. Additionally you will be able to communicate with other students and Sebai Maa and or Seba Dja through your process of study, reflection and meditation on the teachings of Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. The program of Shedy (spiritual practices to penetrate the mysteries of life) in pursuit of revealing the mysteries does not occur overnight or in a single initiation ritual but rather through a process of cleansing the personality and rendering it intellectually bright and pure in feeling. This process is not just one of reading books but requires a transformation of the entire personality including body, mind and soul; so it’s not just about reading books or listening to lectures. You need to change your lifestyle to conform to the wisdom of the teaching and you must practice the prescribed disciplines of worship, chant and meditation along with the philosophy studies. In this line it would be very powerful for you to attend the annual conferences along with attending this program –even though this program attempts to provide quality good association and expert ritual and meditation practice instruction in the webinar meetings.

To augment and complement this classwork:

I also suggest that in addition to the class participation you will start, that you should also access the free materials on the main site which have music and video for your expanded practice. There you will also find free kemetic music playing and a wholistic Kemetic environment to bring in to your home life or wherever you may be. You will also find links to the new youtube video channel and to the weekly online programs.

Additionally you should practice the daily devotional worship and meditation when you receive the daily emails. This will all help to maintain your personal practice and sustain your inner feeling towards the path in order to complement the classroom work.

just go to www.egyptianyoga.com

Sebai MAA

The Goal of this Level 1 Classroom

As you follow the instructions you will learn about what it means to be a spiritual aspirant and next you will start to transform your lifestyle to adopt the recommendations of the teaching. These are the objectives of Level 1 spiritual work. Then you will be better prepared to listen to, reflect upon and meditate upon the teaching of Level 2 which will transform your heart through devotion to the mythic wisdom, purifying your feelings, ethical conscience and practical lifestyle from worldly to spiritual so as to progress towards positive aryu and healthy unconscious mind. Then at Level 3 you will be able to work on transforming your mind and thereby render your entire personality transformed into the matrix of the Mystery Teaching which constitutes bright intellect progressing towards the blossoming into lucid consciousness and eventual intuitional realization of higher consciousness. This is the program of the Egyptian Mysteries and you are now taking the first steps on this glorious path. If you have not done so yet please visit the main orientation website: www.egyptianmysteries.org for questions and answers about the program. If you have any specific questions please send email to: kemetuniversity@aol.com




1-Read Assigned Pages and Answer the questions given in the workbook for those sections.

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3-OPTIONAL -You may also comment and communicate directly by replying to other student’s posts. You may comment on their post or the feedback, etc.

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